The Porsche 911 Turbo S Takes A Lightning Lap

If you’re looking to take to the streets in a luxury sportscar, there is much better than Porsche, Car and Driver Magazine is taking the Porsche 911 Turbo S out for a spin on the Lightning Lap track at the 4.1-mile Grand West course, showing off it’s speed... read more

Are Your Hurricane Irma Plans All Hashed Out?

With Florida in a State of Emergency, and Hurricane Irma leaving at least 9 dead in it’s wake across the islands, there is no time to spare getting geared up for a possible devastating event. Get up to speed with some quick knowledge, and please be careful... read more

Saving Your Car Following A Big Flood

So you’ve encountered a devastating flood and your car didn’t hold up too well, but can it be saved? There are a number of things you need to check, and of course, always be careful when working on your vehicles engine. With all the commotion stirred up... read more

Edmunds Rankings of Top 10 U.S. Autos

Are you looking to make your next car purchase “American Made”?  Statistics in recent years have removed a number of vehicles from the U.S. based list thanks to a portion of their parts being outsourced out of the country. Luckily Edmunds has run down... read more

Happy Labor Day From The Tint Company

The Tint Company is the industry leading window treatment team, servicing the South Florida area! Keep those oppressive sun rays off your body, and car’s interior with a tint job that will make your ride stand out from the crowd! Follow the Tint Company on... read more

How Has Hurricane Harvey Impacted U.S. Car Sales?

Car sales in the U.S. are going to take a slight dip thanks to much of Texas being under the water, the state being the second largest auto market in the country. The market is likely to see a dip in auto sales, while the recovery is ongoing, but afterwards it’s... read more

Pompano Beach Auto Tinting Services

How are you protecting your car’s interior from that brutal South Florida sun? The Tint Company is the industry’s leading tinting and vehicle equipment provider and installer, ready to set your ride apart from the crowd, with locations in Coral Springs and... read more

How To Pick The Right Used Luxury Vehicle

Are you on the market for a great, used luxury vehicle? Purchasing a used car can present a number of risk factors, but you can mitigate many of them by going off on a few guidelines and tips for making your trip to the dealership a successful one…... read more

BMW Unveils It’s Z4 Concept

Pebble Beach’s luxury car show brought a big focus to the latest technology driven and futuristicly styled concept vehicles, and BMW didn’t miss out on the opportunity to show off it’s Z4 concept.  “German luxury automaker BMW has revealed... read more

Inside America’s Most Important Luxury Car Show

Every year the latest trends in the auto world take stage at America’s most important luxury car show, setting the pace for upcoming technological features and designs. Check out what this year had to offer down at Pebble Beach’s Monterey Car Week…... read more

Did You Catch The Solar Eclipse?

Were you able to make it to the 70 mile strip for a full eclipse experience? If not, ABC News was in on the action and has you covered… “For a couple of minutes, the temperature dropped, dusk fell in midday, and the sun was replaced by a circle of wispy... read more

Protect Your Vehicle From The Damaging Sun

The Tint Company is the industry’s leading window treatment service, providing protection from the sun in your home, vehicle, or boat. Don’t let the oppressive rays make your blood boil – contact The Tint Company today! For the latest news and... read more

How To Avoid Wrecking Your Car During The Eclipse

It should be a pretty obvious request, but if you are driving during Monday’s eclipse, please don’t become a driver-spectator! Authorities are preparing for trouble, as the worry is the solar eclipse will create a dangerous situation on our roadways…... read more

UPS Drivers Now Training In Virtual Reality

UPS is hoping to increase driver knowledge, and safety by employing some high technology to their driver training programs – virtual reality headsets…. “During the virtual reality tests, new trainees will experience trips around city environments.... read more

What Is The World’s Fastest Street Car?

What do you get when beauty and performance meet on the road? The latest Bugatti Chiron. With a mere price tag of just $3 mil, the supercar clocks in a top speed of over 260 mph, and cranks from 0-60 in only 2.5 seconds.. “From the outside, the French-built... read more

Set Your Ride Apart, With A First Class Tinting

The Tint Company is the industry leading window treatment team, servicing the South Florida area! Keep those oppressive sun rays off your body, and car’s interior with a tint job that will make your ride stand out from the crowd! Follow the Tint Company on... read more

Woman Survives After Car Falls Seven Stories

A Texas woman is lucky to be alive following a heart wrenching fall from the top of a seven story parking garage while in the drivers seat of her car.  This is the second such incident in same garage with a similar fall taking place a year ago. “Three different... read more

What Is Lamborghini’s New Ego Mode

What does the Lamborghini Aventador have to give it’s star status another bump? How about an “S” behind it’s name, oh and a brand new “Ego” mode… “Enter the Aventador S. The name change might sound simple, but the... read more

Tesla Hits Roadblock Rolling Out Model 3’s

Are you awaiting your new, shiny Tesla Model 3? A number of customers have prepaid or put money down for the all electric mass-market offering, but the company is in need of some cash to get the ball rolling on more production models…. “Tesla is getting... read more